Friday, August 14, 2009


Cooper cut the pad on his foot on a piece of broken glass while we were walking...he had to have it wrapped and it looked like this. suprisingly he did leave it on for a couple of days.

random pics

Kramer playing dead--isn't this hilarious?

Cooper has to drink out of the bathtub and he lays down while doing it...crazy dog!

70 mph and 1 stupid dove = car below

First Vegetables

I started a garden this year and these are my first vegetables! Yummy!
Kramer just couldn't stay away.

Under the deck

Cooper has dug a spot to lay in under the deck.
He conveniently goes under here when I am getting
ready to leave.

New Deck

Cooper is doing his part to help put together the new deck furniture.

The real supervisors are watching from the window seat.

The finished deck!

and the furniture.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

lightning bugs

I have no pics of this, but Cooper is obsessed with chasing lightning bugs now. Last night I was on the deck and it was one of the first nights that we had many in the yard. He sees one and runs after it, attacking it either in the ground or air, and when he gets there, he looks around and sees another one and runs after it. He must have been darting around the yard for at least 20 minutes after them. :) Crazy dog!

David Cook

About a month ago, David Cook came to Springfield...the tickets sold out in 30 seconds!! The day of the show, a friend called to say that she had an extra ticket--it was only like $18 and we were in the 10th row!! It was pretty awesome!